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Trip to the Produce Market

fruit and vegetable store




Take your children on a shopping trip to a produce market with a large selection of fruits and vegetables (for example Sprouts Farmers Market). Even better, take them to a farmer's market.

Let your children pick out as many different types of fruits and vegetables as your budget allows. Perhaps buy just a few of each. Make sure to include some exotic items to make it like an adventure.

If your children are old enough have them record the names of the fruits and vegetables they pick. If not, you could write down the names of the fruits and vegetables each child selects.

At home set up an fruits and vegetable tasting operation. Have pen and paper ready to record your findings.

  • Have the children smell, taste and feel the fruits and vegetables and talk about their thoughts.
  • Each child picks one fruit and one vegetable, which will become part of the family meals in the coming days.
  • Have the kids help you prepare and cook the foods they liked.
  • Make a list of favorite fruits and vegetables on your refrigerator.
  • Last but not least, set a good example. The habits of the parents are a powerful influence on the child.

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