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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It is important for children to eat a healthy lunch to keep their energy up and to learn better. Make sure your children have at least 20 minutes to eat during their lunch breaks. It's tempting to take the easy way and get them some convenience lunch food. Be aware, pre-packaged foods tend to be high in fat, salt, and sugar and low in nutrients. As a rule-of-thumb, make sure lunches include at least three of the Food Pyramid's Groups.

Lunch Box Food Safety

Involve your kids in the planning and it will be less likely foods will be traded, go in the garbage, or come home uneaten. Have your children help you create a list of foods they like for lunch. To plan ahead, we gather some quick and healthy lunch ideas for you and your kids.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Tip: Children like mini-sized food; Use the same concept with lunches.

Mini Bagels with Peanut Butter and Raisins
Two mini bagels or half bagel, spread with peanut butter and raisins. Add cheese stick and cut strawberries.
  Small Pita Bread stuffed with Hummus and/or cheese or other sandwich fillings.
Add grapes, an hard-boiled egg and orange juice.

TIP: Use different breads or cut them into different shapes

Wrap Salad or Lean Meat and Cheese in a Tortilla.
Banana and chocolate-pudding cup, 100% fruit juice.


Melt cheese and pizza sauce in a pita bread.
Vanilla wafers and applesauce cup, water bottle.

Make your own pre-packed lunchables!
Invest in a few small plastic containers to pack the food in.

Mini Hawaiian Pizzas
Round crackers, shredded cheese, pineapple chunks, packed in doubled plastic snack bags. Add small container with a small amount of tomato sauce. Add cut strawberries and 100% fruit juice.

Ham and Cheese Sticks
Roll up cheese and ham and use a pretzel stick
to hold it together.
Add carrot sticks with yogurt dip, raisins, and 100% fruit juice.

  Left over chicken
Cut leftover chicken and place together with a small amount of lemon pepper and salt and in a small zipper sandwich bag. Add a bag with apple slices and a small amount of peanut butter for dipping and a bottle of water.



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